Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well as most of you read..
This past weekend was my yearly
Sister Weekend @ Women of Faith Conference.
and boy did we have some fun..

It started off waking up at her home
(my sister Vickie)
with a front porch swing, rooster crowing,
cup of coffee and her famous Scones.. should of been there  :)
It was so peaceful out there,
we soaked up every moment of it..

Here are some pictures of her beautiful
Fall decorations.
We started off our weekend with a
early dinner at our traditional restaurant

And boy did we eat..
The food is beyond AWESOME !!
I took pictures and I would show you,,
but it would just make you hungry
so I wont do that to ya..

And then it was off to the conference
Great speakers as always.
and they added two new ones we had never
heard from before..
Ken Davis and Angie Smith..
Wonderful !!!
Then we saw Natalie Grant

And Nicole C Mullens
And in typical Nicole style
She Rocked The House.. woo hooo !!

Saturday after conference my sister
and I went to the movies..
We had promised each other that neither one
of us would see the movie
The Help
until we could see it together.. So that is what we did.
It was soooo good.
And we had some much fun..

Here are just a couple of random pictures of
our time together

Enjoying our Quiche and Scones
Then before I left Sunday morning to head over
to see my kids and grandkids
she had a gift for me
She made me a batch of scones
so I could take some home with me..
Yummo !!

Then it was off to see my beautiful kids..
And 2 out of 3 of my grand kids..

I couldnt talk my daughter into getting into
the picture,, but she was on the other side
of the camera..
So I filled up on hugs and kisses
and then it was off the meet my son
Wesley at Olive Garden for lunch

We had a great visit..
I dont always get to see him when Im down
cause he works so much, but it was
nice to finally get some one on one time
to spend with him..
Well it was an Awesome weekend..
and we had such a great time,
and already scheduling next years event..

Well I hope you all enjoyed my
little post of my
Sister Weekend @ Women of Faith



Kathy S. said...

Sounds and LOOKS wonderful! :) I love WOF! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend!!

Sweet family!

Joan Davis said...

Ok...I'm inspired!! I love the fall and do have my fall decorations up...but now I want to spruce things up even more! Thanks for sharing!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

I love scones and have not had any since we were in Ireland this spring. I'll have to see if I can find my recipe. :)

Lovely pictures. blessings to you - Marsha

Sue said...

Awesome, Karen, aren't sisters one of God's great gifts to us. Vickie's home is beautiful, and you look so peaceful sitting in the swing. I am so glad you got to get away and enjoy family, making memories is what it's all about.
Thanks for sharing.

A multi-dimensional life said...

Oh this looks like such a joy-filled, rich week-end right down to those "yummo" scones! I know you had a fabulous time! What a huge blessing to have a week-end like that with your sis! xo

Elaine said...

What a fun time I am sure you had. Loved this post. Does your sister share her scones recipe?

Great post.