Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm sorry I haven't been around :(

But yes we are moving again !!!!
But only 3 doors down this time :)
When we moved to Palm Coast we found
a very nice neighborhood to move into.
and then God brought a new customer into
my life, who owns a very nice house
3 house down from us..
So when it was time to sign the papers
for her daughter to get service from Moms Helper
i just met her at her rental property.
And I was able to look around at this beautiful home.
So one thing lead to another , and at the end
of this month we are moving in..
I'm excited about this new home,
but no one better use the "M" word
with me again for a very very long time..

So I hope that explains why i have been
kinda scares lately..and will only be able to stop
in to visit every once in a while with all the
packing and stuff..but I will keep ya informed
Please don't forget about me....

I think about my blogging friends often
even if i cant get on line to let you know..
Hopefully by the first of the year..
I can get back on a regular schedule and get
back into the blogging world again..

Love you guys..
Talk to ya again real soon..


Julie Harward said...

Good luck with the move..close or far away, it is so much work! :D

Sue said...

I have been wondering where you have been and now I know. Congratulations karen, and If I lived nearby, I would help you pack.