Thursday, October 13, 2011

How ya doing at protecting your family ?

A few years ago, I was reading a book
by Kelly Copeland about protecting our families.
And it has created a new habit in me.
Im not as faithful to do it, as I would like to proclaim
but I will say that I do it 5 out of 7 days a week.
And some times more than once a day..

In the morning when our alarm clock goes off,
and my husband reaches over and hits
the snooze button..
That is my time to pray over my family.
Its quiet, no one to interrupt me,
the days events have not yet begun
so between alarms is my prayer time over my family.
In my mind
I line up my family members
and I draw a big red circle around them
just like the picture above..

Im sure you all know the
story of the 
but have you connected it with
your belief that God is the same
today,yesterday and tomorrow..
His promise was not just for that
day in Egypt

In Exodus 12:23
(23)He will see the blood on the top
and sides on the doorway,
and he will not permit the
destroyer to enter you house
and strike you down.
(24) Obey these instructions as a
lasting ordinance for you and your

The way Kelly Copeland explains it
in her book is quite interesting.
Envision a court room and the
accused is asked to tell the judge how he pleads.
Jesus died on the cross to  cover our sins
with his blood.
And that act brought righteousness.
So when we Plead the Blood of Jesus
over our family's..
guilty or not...
we are covered by Jesus blood,
he paid the price for us,
so we cast our plea
under Jesus's righteousness,
 not our own guilt .

Start a new habit for you and your
family today..
When you pray over them..
Put them all under one roof and
encircle them with the blood of Jesus.
and say
In the name ofour Lord Jesus Christ
I plead the blood of Jesus over my family
send a charge of angels concerning
each of them, to protect them
and guide their steps through out their day.
Lord I stand on your promise today.

Well I am off for a weekend with my sister.
Every year we go to the


So be on watch for picture of our weekend
next week..

I hope you all have a very blessed
I will be in touch soon..


Julie Harward said...

We pray for protection for our family everyday too. Recently one of our church leaders said that we are raising our children in enemy territory. I think this is so true and we do need to be watching over them and doing all we can. :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful testimony and words of encouragement
Will surely come back to visit:)
Shirley in Virginia

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for your comment.
You actually commented on my daughter Ashleigh's blog.
I'm so glad you visited her and am not sure how the mix up occurred.
My blog is and hers is
We both look forward to visiting you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful insights on your blog. We can both be edified by what you are sharing--great testimony!
Blessings from Shirley in Virginia