Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guarding Against Infidelity

You could be in your 20's and married for a month
in your 70's and married for 50 yrs
yet we still need to be aware and on
guard to protect our marriages from
Satan is out there, and it seems that
he is doing a pretty good job of destroying
even the best of marriages..

I was listening to my pastor in Bradenton sermon,
the series is called
Taking back the Home.
I loved the suggestions of
 boundaries he spoke of,
and I wanted to share them with you.

Now I feel that I can speak to you about infidelity,
 since it has touched my marriage and family.
When my husband and I split up years ago,
 I was not faithful to him, our marriage or to God.
God has forgiven me of my sins,
and has now allowed me to share with others
my mistakes and regrets..
And has given my beauty for ashes
Replaced my tears of mourning and guilt
with a grateful heart
and has restored my marriage and my family..
Wooooo Hooooo.

I wish I could say that if I would of
known these boundaries before
I would not of strayed..
But that is not true.
I knew right from wrong,but I listened
to the whisperings of Satan instead of
doing what I knew was right.
So I have no excuse.
But since God has shown me Grace,
and has given me a second chance
at restoring my family, I am a firm
believer in boundaries..
So please allow me to share these with you.

Be where you are suppose to be
 Dont allow yourself to be in circumstances
that might lead you or your spouse into temptation.
You know what your weaknesses are,
but more important Satan knows your weaknesses
and will play them against you.
 So dont give him the oppurtunity.

Recommit to your loved one
Your spouse, your marriage, your family, your trust in God
is important enough to work through the hard times.
Dont through your hands up in the air
 and walk away from it all.
Recommit to your loved ones, Unconditionally
Give your concerns over to God,
 and watch what he will do.

Dont expect your spouse to settle
Dont think that just because he has a ring on his finger
that he should settle..
Dont think that a marriage license will
keep him in that warm fuzzy feeling of love..
Treat him with respect and honor.
 Keep the home fires burning.
Never let him doubt even in hard time
 that he is no longer your hero,
 and let him know that
you love him as much today as the day you got married..
And always remember ...
no matter how old we are, how long we have been married
there will always be
 some one waiting on the sidelines to swoop in
and whisper sweet nothings in their ear,
the moment satan see's an oppurtinity.
So make sure that you are both keeping proper boundaries
 in this world when it comes to the people of the oppisite sex

Here are a few:
Never go alone with anyone of the opposite sex,
  unless they are in your family.
Its not that you we are that weak
it it is that Satan in that powerful.
Rumors start.
You may not think anything of it, but the other person may.
It is a position that can easily be avoided.

Dont do meeting or go to lunch alone
alone with someone of the opposite sex. 

Pretty much for the same reasons above..
Meetings are to remain in the office,
 and they are a big girl/boy and can
go to lunch on their own.
Just dont open a door or oppurtunity,
 no matter how innocent it is intended to be.

Find a accountability partner
Find a Godly friend (of the same sex) and let them
know that you require them to tell you the truth about
what they see, looking in from the outside.
Require them to hold your feet to the fire.
and to remind you to look at situations from the eyes of God.

Honor God
God has blessed you with your marriage .
And you stood before God and entered into a covenent of 3
God ~your spouse~you.
Infidelity ALWAYS scares..
You not only hurt your spouse, but your family
and always hurt and dishonor  God  and what he has given you.

Talk to your spouse tonight.
Set us boundaries
Be commited to stand by those boundaries
for your God
for your marriage
for your children
for the sake of your family.

 Look at the state of the world today
and that alone should encourage you and your loved one
to recommit to each other,set up boundaries that will
protect your marriage and your family.
And God will bless you for standing on his word.

Thanks for stopping by to visit today.
I pray that God used even one sentence on this page to
encourage and enlighten you to stand
on the promises of God.
He is able and ready to give us the desires of our hearts
and life abundant.
Have a blessed day.
Love, Karen


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Great reminders. I have seen marriages ending after 25 plus years so it can happen at all ages, all stages of marriage and to anyone.
Thanks for being open and sharing your journey so that others will learn from it also.

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for sharing truths...I have to laugh at these dumb women who think they need a man friend to confide in or flirt with...take it home mama! ;D

Beth said...

When I worked outside the home a few years ago, there was a guy I worked with who would walk into the office, come up and give me a big hug. We were "buddies" and I liked him but I was always sooo uncomfortable around him. One day we were forced to drive to a meeting together and I was NEVER so happy to get out of that car.

God gives us these feelings on purpose, doesn't He? He knows when we are on shaky ground.

I would intentionally talk up my wonderful husband to him, every time we had to have a conversation, my husband's name would enter it...if there were any doubt in that man's mind, I felt like I had to let him know that my husband was my hero, best friend, best everything!
One day he told me that he wished his wife would love him like I love Roger. It made me feel sad for him, but still made me stay away.

I was just recently told by my husband that he himself felt uncomfortable about that man and his attentions toward me.

I think sometimes that we don't think highly enough of ourselves to think that someone else would desire us...I'm chunky...but I think we are all in danger of getting into a bad situation!

Thanks for the reminder!

Sue said...

Absolutely, a beautiful and heartfelt post Karen, Thank you for sharing. I have always felt that God is in the restoring business, and not the destroying business.
I am so thankful that you are allowing God to use you in the upbuilding of His Kingdom.There are so many family in distress now. May you continue to be obedient to your calling. Your heart for families is so touching.
Many blessings to you today. I am truly blessed by this post.

Camille said...

Great post Karen! Thank you for sharing this wise advice and counsel. May God indeed keep us all...and may we all look to HIM for strength to live in a way that pleases HIM.

Many blessings,