Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We're Here..

We'll here we are..
Palm Coast Florida..
it is about 15/20 north of Daytona Beach.

This is a view coming over the bridge into Daytona Beach
Almost center of the picture just over the tree line
you can see the famous Daytona Beach Ferris Wheel,
and beside that the two tall things that look like cranes..
they are that ride that sling shots you into the air..
OH NO... Not for me...

After my son Tyler and I went an got him registered into
school we took off exploring our new surroundings..
this is Flagler Beach..
Which will be the beach that I will utilizing all summer..
Ok yes you guessed it I am a Sun Worshiper
Sun and Son !!! lol..

I loved this picture..
how peaceful does this person look..
just riding down the beach..

Tyler took this picture of me..
A friend of mine  asked me if we
Photoshopped this seagul in the
I told her no, but I bet he had no idea that he would
be shown over all parts of the world via Facebook
and my blog..

Here is Tyler climbing the rocks at the dock..
We had just a great time that day..

This is the house that we are renting..
Oh I had forgotten just how much work was in moving.
and especially into a rental..
This house is in a very nice neighborhood..
and everyone has been very nice to us .

This is my view from across the street..
See all those sky high Pine trees..
Well they are everywhere in this neighborhood.
between each house..
and one of my cats Toby got out while we were
moving items in and out,
and we have not seen him for a couple of days..
he is a friendly cat,,so either he got lost in the pines
and doesnt know his way home
or he made friends with a new famiy..
I miss him and I am praying for him to be safe and come home..

This is the view from my kitchen window..
there is a 4 lane road that runs between the fence and the pines.
but it isnt loud at all..
And the view of the pines is very pretty..

I would like you to meet one of my neighbors a few houses down.
Ms. Ann..
We spoke with her the other day, and she told us the story about this
little stray grey cat..
she walks our street for exercise and about a year ago
this little stray kitty cat came out of the pines..
and started walking beside her.
She said this little kitty walks with her EVERY day now
and i was watching them..when Ms Ann goes a little too slow
the kitty just sits and watches her and waits for her to catch up.
How precious is that..
I told my son that God is Good.
He gave Ms Ann a cute little walking partner
and the kitty got a new friend..

Well I have still have SOOOOO much work to do
in this house..
 I forgot how much work was involved in moving.
but I wanted to take a minute and say
And all is going well with the move..

And my daughter and I have been skyping
to that we can see the grandkids..
Its nice,,but it is not the same..
but I am grateful for it never the less..

I will be in touch again real soon.
as soon as I get this house organized
I will post some pictures of the inside...


Rebecca said...

Hi friend! So glad you're getting settled! Love your 'new' house...and the beach!!! Hope you survive this...and yes, SKYPE is awesome!

Julie Harward said...

It looks just beautiful there and the house looks real nice too. Such a sweet lady and kitty, I bet she feeds that cat too. Good luck with all the work, wish I could help you! ;D

Christina said...

Everything looks so beautiful! Great pictures! I love the one of the man ont he bicycle. You captured the feeling perfectly. I have almost the same picture you took of arriving into daytona. It's right after the "Welcome to Daytona" sign right? It's so lovely out there. I'm so happy for you. (haha, and a little envious! what can i say?) Congrats on your new home!!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Just sending hugs, hugs and more hugs....God is faithful and it looks great. The house looks wonderful...and for me, renting has been so different since it is the first time in my life...I am learning it is a mental thing.
Oh the beach is wonderful...the picture of you is great!!, now how can you be a grandmother?

Blessings on this transition and may you see God's hand each day....just like the neighbor who God gave a walking companion, you will see His favor on you also!

A multi-dimensional life said...

It looks like a wonderful place to live. The beach...ahhhh! The photo's are great, especially the one of you...and the seagull :)
That is a beautiful photo of you.
So happy that you arrived safely and now praying for your time to be balanced as you settle in.

And I can't wait to hear more about Ms. Ann...maybe God has already planned some valuable moments for you with her :)


Sue said...

I am so happy that you are getting settled in Karen, love your new home, and the story of Ms Ann just so precious. LOve Skype.

Ellen said...

I am loving your new house, beach and neighbor! you are truly blessed Girl! I love too, how you put in perspective about Ms. Ann and her walking Kitty. That is so true and insightful as to how amazing He works out even the little things like that. Thankful that you are settling right in. Can't wait to see what new adventures He has for you and yours! Happy unpacking!!!


Elaine said...

Looks like a beautiful place to live. I love the gray kitty that walks with Ms Ann! What a sweet gift and the picture was precious. I bet Ms Ann would like a copy.

Jill said...

Gorgeous pictures! Wishing you all the very best in your new home. Hoping your sweet kitty returns to you, probablly very frightened.
Sending hugs!

Have a lovely day, enjoy the beach for me!! LOL


Sheila said...

What a lovely area y'all moved to. I can just smell the ocean. Love the story of Ms. Ann and the cat. I hope Toby finds his way back to you. Take care.