Friday, February 18, 2011

The kitchen is done..

Well the Kitchen and Dining Room are Done ....
And Yes you see a love seat in my breakfast nook...
I am waiting to purchase a small
little glass top table for that area
but until I do,, I am
doing the "Central Perk"
from Friend
in my nook..
I have to admit,, I am loving it
I get up in the morning, grab
a cup of coffee and my devotional
and get comfy and have my quiet time
with the Lord..
He doesn't care what I am sitting

This is my Dining Room,, and the beautiful
flowers my friend and boss in Bradenton sent me
Aren't they so pretty??

My little window decorations
next to my comfy couch..

I got this cute little coffee cup wall hanging
and painted the inside with Chalk Board Paint..
I just love it...

And I just loved this little sign
It is so cute with the ice cream scoop attached
and underneath them is a little set of
 piggy salt and pepper shakers that belonged
to my mom and dad years ago..

That cookie Jar (squirrel) was my moms
years ago too..

Love my "Country Living"
pattern of plates
along with my little porcelain
cat standing by...

Two days later my cat Toby
came home..  :)
I was so glad he was able to find his way home..

                                                          I am sorry that I have not been by
                                                           to visit you all lately.. I had forgotten
                                                           just how much work this moving stuff
                                                            is.. but it wont be long now, and I
                                                            will be back on board,,

                                                                 Prayer Request
                                          Please pray that we will find a
                                                               good home church.. I dont like
                                                                being out of Gods House..
                                                                I know he is always with us, but
                                                                I love to worship him with his
                                                                other children too..
                                                                 Thank You.. I love you guys..


Cora said...

Everything looks wonderful! You will find that special church where you feel at home...its like shopping for shoes...going around trying lots of them on until you find just the right ones that fit perfectly and do not rub you wrong.
Blessings for a open heart during your search.

Sue said...

Karen, I am feeling your excitement right along with you. Girl your kitchen and dining area looks so beautiful, and I like the couch, and If I could I would put one in my bay window. Hmmm! Now let me see, where could I move this table? With your permission I am borrowing some ideas.
I will be praying that you all find where the Lord wants you, after all when He moved you , He had a place of worship picked out.
I pray for continued blessings and strength, for this journey too.
, Sue

Cinner said...

Karen, I am so glad that things are going well. I loved your post and how you start your peaceful morning. I do hope you find a wonderful church. also reading your previous post about ms. ann and kitty, how wonderful is that, hugs to you. be well.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Wow Karen, your kitchen is pretty and lots of space ;) :) I love that nook on the end with the couch. That's a really neat and very cute touch ) :) :) My kitchen table is a craft table now, for my dad and for myself.

Oh, the vintage sign with the ice crem scoop..I so want one. i love vintage signs..and will probably look for more things like that when I go yard sale shopping again :) :) The chalkboard coffee cup is also super cute. I've always to have something like that in my house, so I can have fun writing our menu for the day on there :) :)

I'm glad your kitty cat came home!!! I'll be praying that you find a good home church soon !!! In the meantime, are there resource that you can use online?

Extra love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Donnetta said...

The couch in your breakfast nook seems perfect. In fact, my first thought was, "What a wonderful place to have some quiet time." And then I read that's just what you're doing. Great minds thinks alike. :-)

It looks like you are beginning to settle in quite nicely. So glad your kitty is home.

And I totally get what you are saying about having a home church. Trusting God leads you to just the right one!

Ellen said...

It all looks so great, like it was mean't to be!! Amazing how that happened, huh ;)) Your kitchen is so bright and big, I love it! Doing the happy dance that Toby found you again!! The sofa looks perfect under the windows at the end of the room. I can see how you would love your quiet time there. I have no doubt that you and your family will be drawn right to the very Home that Daddy has for you all. In the very least, you'll have the experience of meeting a lot of new people on the journey- hey!! So very thankful for you Girl, I just love you and am thrilled for you and your family.
Have a great weekend,

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Look at you go looks great! That is really fast...I think I was still unpacking boxes at this time, forget decorating.

I will be praying for you a church home...God has gone before you, so enjoy following his lead.

Kathy S. said...

How fun! I love the seating in front of the windows right off of the kitchen!

Said a prayer for your desire for a place to worship.

-:-Chanin-:- said...


everything looks beautiful. I love all the white- it looks so fresh and bright :) Hope you are settling into your new home. God bless you!!

Much love, Chanin

Jill said...

Everything looks great! So glad to hear Toby came home safely!!


Marsha Young said...

So glad to hear that you are getting settled.

Blessings to you and praying for your to find a church home.