Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Looking for confirmations..

Ok Ladies..
I have a question..
What do you do, when you have spent a long
time asking God to bless something,
then a situation comes along that is Totally
not the direction you would of imagined that God 
would take it.
Not only that ,but it is just the opposite..
it is the way you begged God not to go..... 

How do we know if it is God's direction, or
just Satan (the Chump) throwing in another
curve ball, to mess things up?
How do you know what is the right decision?


Rebecca (me!) said...

I would like to say that I remember that HIS ways are not my ways....and that I turn to the Bible to see how he did that so many times...yet, the outcome was so much better. I would like to say that I look to my own history....but, more often than not, I am like my 4 yr old and stick out my bottom lip....and cry a little, then look up and with wilted eyes...say Yes, Father.....and then, see the day.....

Jill said...

Your posts always make me ponder things....thank you for the insight.
Have a great day!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh been there and so understand. This morning I was reading in Gen about Abraham, what really struck me was that Abraham should have messed it up...that is, if we can mess up God's plans, which we can't!!! Abraham gave his wife, not once, but twice to Kings, he took Lot with him when God said take no one, He slept with another woman to produce the promise...sounds like he should have more than messed it up...and yet God continued to say, "I WILL" with every mistake.

Even the things we view as mistakes are used by God to transform us into the person He wants us to be. When it came time for Abraham to take Issac up the hill it looks like Abraham had final gotten it. He bound Isaac and laid him on the altar...the once again God provided!!

Maybe what seems like the totally opposite is really going to produce something in the situation you couldn't have imagined.

My year quote. "God will take you where you never expected to go to produce in you what you couldn't produce in yourself"

Blessings as you continue to hear His voice.

Cora said...

I so ditto Janette's comment...she is right on the same explanation I would have given...she said it well! Have faith and grow with this experience....
We have some upcoming new paths to follow this year I understand. It is hard but hang in there!

Anne said...

I have been there many times and I have prayed and prayed and prayed and then been sent in the direction I didn't want to go. I would also have to say that Janette's post said it well. Her thoughts are right on. If you are in God's Word and staying in prayer then you can't go wrong. What we view as crazy is usually where He wants to take us so that He can make Himself real in our lives. I'll be lifting you up in my prayers. ~ God Bless

Anne @

Julie Harward said...

I don't think Satan is in on my prayers with my Heavenly Father, that is private communication. And through the power of the Holy Ghost, I just know. (Jack passed away...and yes, that is our home :D)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hey Karen,
I haven't been around blogging much because of work. I was layed off work last Thursday. No worries, please...because I"m not worried ;) :) God will provide :) :)

Oh, you're blog is so cute. It's also changed since the last time I visited :) :) How did you create that header? It's cute. I think I want to do something like that, too!!!

Hmmmm... praying and knowing whether the direction things seem to be going is from God or not? Hard to say.. From my own experience, when I've prayed about things, I'd often hear unsolicited confirmation from my friends. They'd mention something that I had been praying about, but they didn't know it. There's usually peace in my heart about something. Sometimes there isn't...but that's just where I have to trust Him and trust HIs Word... Although honestly, I haven't been in that kind of situation lately. I just pray and won't make a move until I have peace in my heart about it...even if it's something completely different than what I had been praying for. One thing I do know for sure is that where God guides, He provides... I think the question is very thought-provoking :) :) Love, hugs and Happy New Year from Oregon, Heather :)

Sue said...

I try and stand still! and wait, He tells me when I have done all that I can then I stand! His ways are not mine, and I know that he always has my best interest. Waiting, for me is the hardest thing, So many times when in a situation I had everything all worked out as to how I thought God should do it, but He always surprised me by doing it His way and in His time. You would think that by now I would have got it, but old habits are hard to break. I would love to know the times that God has shook his head at me, (of course with a smile) as I am one of His stubborn children. lol

-:-Chanin-:- said...

Hi Karen,

I love what janette had to say- love her quote too. It is so HARD, I know, to wait and to trust. UGH! I wish it was easier. God will not let you out of His plans, out of His sight or out of His will. You are so special to Him.

Praying for peace for you- and strength too!

Love to you!

Cheilsea said...

In situations like this, I try to remember that sometimes the only way out is through.

Karen, I've awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. See my post for details:

Congrats :)

Camille said...

Dear Karen ~ I'm sorry that you find yourself in such a situation just now! Oh...the things that happen are never by chance and God ALWAYS works everything out for our eternal good and HIS glory! (Romans 8:28) The very thing I didn't want (long ago) happened to us (our little boy had to have open heart surgery at the age of one) ~ God definitely used that in our lives to grow us and to teach us more of HIS great and unfailing love for us as HIS children.
Difficult? Absolutely!, nothing is impossible with God. AND He always gives the grace needed at exactly the right time!

Some verses for you, as I do believe HIS Word is the ONLY place to really ground ourselves and find lasting comfort...

Isaiah 41:10
Isaiah 40:31
Jeremiah 29:11-14a
Psalm 46
Psalm 91
Hebrews 12:1-3

May HE give you the peace that passes all understanding at this most difficult time!


saltbox treasures said...

Sometimes we don't know if we're going in the right direction. But if we're fleeing sin and following God; we've got to be going in the right direction. God is in control of everything and His will cannot be thwarted. Just keep praying and trusting. God has gone before us and holds our future in His hands. Be encouraged that God is with you wherever you go.
~ Julie

Madonna said...

I am going through something similar. There is something that I was absolutely sure God intended for me. I would run into confirmation after confirmation through scripture, preachings, testimonies and the like again and again. Now it seems to be not going that way and I am not sure if I just misunderstood God's plan the first time or if satan is trying to throw up some snares. I am having a real hard time with this issue.