Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello Friends...
I was just visiting my daughters blog
And I was telling her the other day about  my "Blogging Buddies"
 and how precious they all are to me, 
and then I visited her blog and saw that so many of
you took the time to go by and visit her,
and left such sweet comments for her..
I thank you so much for that..
With a 2 yr old (that is going on 16, lol)
and a brand new baby, time is not her friend,
(boy I remember those days )
but she has still been able to
make a post every now and then,
but she told me how nice it was to get
visits from all you ladies..
And I just want to say
Thank You Very Much.
I love you gal's...


Mountain Blessings said...

I love your pic on this post! The road is never long between friends, that is so true! Happy New Year! Many Blessings, Marla

Pamela said...

I'll have to check her blog out. Isn't it funny how when someone shows kindness to our children that we feel like we have received the kindness. Must have something to do with loving our kids. :-)