Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Word, Trust and Waiting...

I am reading the Word  and Trusting and Waiting on God.
That has been my New Years resolution..
And I am doing good so far,,
(okay, okay,  I know it is only Jan 4th)
I have areas in my life that need healing
(dont we all, lol)
but this year, (again!)  I am practicing giving up control,
giving up trying to do it MY WAY..
If  My Way worked, I wouldnt still be praying about it..lol
So Lord , heres trusting you will have better luck than I did..

But seriously.. I am a worrier !
(Hello, my name is Karen and I am a Worrier !)

And I have Colitis to prove it...
And the only way I can change that is to Give
my worries to the only one who I can trust
to really deal with it .

So each morning I am getting up and reading the bible,
I have two devotionals that I am reading,
and just leaning on God as my partner in this
life to walk with me through the Good and the Not so Good..
And TRUST that, there is a reason for everything,
even if I cant see it.. THATS OK!
The bible doesnt tell me that I will understand all that happens in this life..
But to lean Not on my own understanding but in the Lord...
So that is my Daily To Do List...

Thank you Lord that you love me enough to
put up with me, and Love me anyway.


Rebecca (me!) said...

Hello Karen...my warrior Sister! LOVE your new look...seriously, how do you do it? I'm reading through the Bible in 90 days. Have you ever joined that blog/effort? It's going to be fun...today is day 2!!! Blessings, sweet sister!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Thank you...for some reason the enemy beat me up all night with worry...by this morning I felt I was black and blue...on things I have no control over.
So when I came here this morning I was encouraged. I too am getting up and reading and reading His word...I need it to have the right perspective.
Thanks for sharing

Saimi said...

Amen sista!! The one person that knows you better than yourself is the Lord! Never stop praying and asking for help, He wants to help us!

A multi-dimensional life said...

I love your "to do" list! What could be better?! I've been working hard the past few years to turn "worrier" into "warrior"! It's a better use of my limited energy :) ...
Blessings to you and thank your for your word of encouragement!

Keeping our eyes on Him!

Cheilsea said...

Karen, thank you so much for the Anniversary wishes. I had a wonderful day yesterday :)

I love this post. I, too, have been working on surrendering all of my life to God. There are so many times when I let him in most of my life but there are still some things I just don't want to let him have control of. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. Good luck on your new resolution! God bless.

Donnetta said...

Seems I've been in the waiting for quite some time also. Thanks for this reminder to just take it with God one day, one moment at a time!

Stacey said...

Hellooo...worrier jr. here! It's so hard to do, but I have to remind myself of this all the time!