Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I heard something really cute
yesterday on a video clip..

God wants to be our GPS
NOT our Map Quest..

God tells us which way we should
go and when we take a wrong turn
you can almost hear him say.....
Recalculating/ Recalculating..

How true is that....
I think I know the way,
the short cuts to life,
and bless his heart his
is sometimes patient to let
me try my way,, and is still
there to help when i get
lost , and still wants to
Recalculate the directions
to show me the way home..

Thanks God..


Warren Baldwin said...

Good point. Kind of like the old bumper sticker - God is My Co-Pilot. Actually, God is supposed to be the pilot!

Good post! wb

Betsy said...

What a great way to look at life!

Julie Harward said...

What a truth! We just returned from a weeks vacation where He was just that to us and more! :D

Virginia said...

Amen! so true…. For me God is the Navigator who keeps me on the right path.We are lost without God's direction.

Marsha Y. said...

I loved this GPS illustration. I just returned from N.Carolina, and a trip through the Smokey Mountains. My Garmin just was "off" a time or two - telling us right, when we needed to go left. But each time, I stopped and looked to the sun to make sure which direction we were supposed to go. Kind of works that way in life too, looking to the "Son" tells us which way we are supposed to go, even when other advice is contrary. Great post - Marsha Y.

Nicole said...

Great post Karen! So very true!

Sue said...

I am so glad that He is my GPS too, and that he keeps me on the right track. Great post, Karen!.

Ellen said...

Very well put my sweet Friend! I'm so tuned into His Directions, more so lately as life shifts and bends up and down.


Cora said...

So so true....why do we have to be so stubborn? It would be so much easier if we just Let Go and Let God!!