Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank you Lord for protecting my child !!!

Above is a picture of myself and my oldest son Wesley,,
He works out on the Longboat Key Island, and got this
scooter so that he would get real good gas mileage.
I was against it, and even fussed a bit in the pic above
when he took me for a spin around the block.. and i just
hid my face in his back .. ok ,,,yea im a whimp !

Well Yesterday afternoon, I got that call that I knew
one day would happen. He was on his way to work
in the "rain" and went down!
Thank the Lord no one was directly behind him,
cause he would of gotten ran over,
but instead he slid across gravel at the end
of the Sarasota Bridge.

* One broken wrist,,
needs surgery next week when the swelling goes down
* fracture in the other hand
* fracture shoulder bone
* two broken on each foot
* 2 inch stitch above his eyebrow
* pulled ham string
* road rash along his L side..

Now get this.. this is his 2nd scooter.
the last one caught on FIRE (Hello !!) right between his
legs one afternoon when he got to work.

He has been shown by God that he is not to
be riding these things, but because it is cheap he
insisted.. now he has his confirmation (the hard way)
that God doesn't want him on it..

Since he has gotten on these things I spend a lot of time
"pleading the blood of Jesus" over him , to keep him safe
And he DID!!!! this is nothing compared to what it could of been.
Thank God for Praying Momma's and Grandma's !!

Psalm 121:8

The LORD will watch over your coming

and going both now and forevermore.

Thank you Lord for protecting my child and for teaching him his lesson
and yet showing him Grace.. Amen..


The Finicky Frog said...

Wesley's will keep you on your toes! I have one myself. I just read this to my husband and he said, "Is it really that much cheaper now?" We'll be praying for a quick recovery, and I'll be sure to keep this post on file for whenever any of my kids decide they want to buy a scooter!!

Lotsa Love Your Way!

Rebecca (me!) said...

SO thankful he was not seriously injured!! Scooters/bikes can be so dangerous....not just because of the people driving them or weather, but because of others on the road who are talking on the phone, distractions or just lack of thankful your son is going to recover!!

Sheila said...

I teared up reading this. Prayers for his surgery and quick healing. Yes, some times moms do know best!!

Nicole said...

I am so sorry Lisa! Praise the Lord he is safe though!! Praying for you guys and next week when he has his surgery.

elainaann said...

Praising God that your son's accident was not more serious than than it was. Praying for his surgery and recovery.