Saturday, July 24, 2010


Thank You All So Much For All Your Prayers !
I was at the beach today and listening to my local
christian radio station and it seemed like every song
was a praise song after something had gone wrong.

Like Amy Grant song.
Better than a Hallelujah..
God loves a lullaby in a mothers tears in the dead of night,
better than a hallelujah some times.
Beautiful the mess we are, honest cries of broken hearts,
better than a hallelujah some times..

Then right after that was
Natalie Grants - Held
This is what it means to be held, how it feels when
the sacred is torn from your life and you survive,
this is what it is to be loved and to know that
the promise when everything else fells
"We'd be Held"

I just sat there on the beach and cried,
out of gratitude and praise to God
for the Grace he gave to my son. and to me...
I texted my son , and told him that he owed
God a BIG THANK YOU !! and he agreed..

There are times when I feel like life is just so out of control,
and then God does something like this to remind me
that I was NEVER in control ! And it is all up to him..
and he is my Loving Father and he has my best
interest at heart.. and wants to protect me
and my family as much as I want him to.

Thank you all again,, for you sweet comment
of encouragement and prayers..
God Bless you ...


Camille said...

How WONDERFUL that your boy is OKAY...but how difficult to watch him go through this!! What a precious thing it is to REST in the LORD's Sovereign control over ALL things!

Blessings to you Karen!
In Him,

Karen Mortensen said...

What wonderful songs. Glad your son is okay.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You live in the same place that my little brother does. Small world.

Lisa♥H said...

Karen I'm praising God right now!! I just read the post right before this, I had no idea that your son was hurt! But I'm so thankful that he is going to be ok! Be blessed!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

It seems that a lot of my friends are going through difficulties of differents sorts lately...but the one common element is how they are all turning to God and other friends for comfort!! That's so important!! Thanks for sharing this!!!! Love and hugs, Heather :)

Sheila said...

God is truly amazing. We some times want to have our children learn a lesson easily. Maybe it's the hardest lessons learned that resonate the strongest in our souls. I'm praying for his complete recovery.

Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

Karen thank you for visiting my blog and putting the sweet note! I look forward to getting to know you more through our blogs and you live in such a beautiful place!! Have a blessed Sunday!!