Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A mothers love is something that no one can explain.

It is made of deep devotion and sacrifice and pain,

it is endless and unselfish and enduring ,

come what may nothing can destroy it or take that

love away.

It is patient and forgiving when all others are

forsaking, and it never fails or falters even

though the heart is breaking.... it believes beyond

believing when the world around condemns ,

it glows with all the beauty of the rarest,

brightest gem...

It is far beyond defining, it defies all explanation,

and it still remains a secret like the mysteries

of creation.. a many splendored miracle man cannot

understand and another wondrous

evidence of Gods tender

guiding hand..

If you are Mother, Grandmother, Big sister , Aunt or Friend

Never underestimate what God has enabled

you to do in someones life. The Love that Woman

have for people in their lives is no accident.

Use that Love God has placed inside of you

to change their lives..


Kathryn Ross said...

Blessings, Karen - and so glad about your new move and normalcy settling in. In my former life as a navy wife, I moved 18 times in 20 years! Happy to be home in my home town these past 8 in one house with the best of husbands and precious daughter. My son lives in New England and I only get to see him a couple times a year - and grandbaby, too :(

I haven't been as active in visiting and commenting since school started and my work demands were crushing. Amazing I could post at all - but the blog has been a tether to creativity, inspiration, and lovely things. More hopeful for growing in Blogworld in 2012.


saltbox treasures said...

Hi Karen, Thanks for your blog. It is such an encouragement to women! Thanks for sharing what God has done and is doing in your life. So glad you had a wonderful time with your sister and your family at Christmas.
Hope you are settled and have a day of rest. We all need that :).
Have a great day!
~ Julie

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh thanks I so needed this this morning...Hugs..and I hope you are adjusting to your new move...blessings

JillAileenJones said...

Thank you-so funny I have this on my computer and I got a new lap top for my birthday and Christmas last week and I was moving things over and this was one of the things and so I just read this the other day. I love it.
PS-I love Sweet Tea, one of my weaknesses. :)
Hugs-have a great day

Julie Harward said...

I so me, being a mother is such a glorious calling and I love it so much. My husband gave me a plaque that said..."To the world you are a mother, to your family, you are the world." Happy New Year! ;D

Camille said...

What a sweet and encouraging post my friend! Thank you for sharing it here. :)

May the LORD richly bless you and your family in the coming year. HE alone is Worthy and HE is Faithful!!

Many blessings,

Sue said...

I once did a needle point pillow that said "there is nothing like a mother's love," and you dear Karen have summed it up so beautifully.
Enjoyed catching up on your last two posts, and yes Missy it is about time you got back to blogging, You have been dearly missed.
Wishing you and your family a very blessed, and Happy New Year.