Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Time is Here, in Florida anyway

Well Ladies my favorite time of the year is back
Summer !!
I am a beach girl..
I love the beach in the morning
my quiet time with the Lord..
{love doing my yoga just this side of the waves}
I love a tan
{Yes, I use sunscreen)
I love to put my tennis shoes on and head set and walk for miles
for exercise and 
I  love the beach at sunset..
Yep.. Im a beach girl

So I just couldnt wait to  change my
blog theme to the Beach..

I hope it looks refreshing and inviting to you..
 Come and put your toes in the sand
and stay a while with me..


Julie Harward said...

It all looks great..and I so wish I could put my walking shoes on and come with you! ;D

Beth in NC said...

I love the beach too though I rarely get there!

Love the beach theme!


A multi-dimensional life said...

Oh, so refreshing Karen! I wish I was there with you taking a long walk and enjoying the beach at sunset. I'm a beach girl too and it's not time yet here but when it is, I'll sport a tan and dig my toes into the sand!

Jill said...

We're headed to the beach tomorrow...and Thursday, too! Hope you enjoy all of your beach days!
Blessings to you,
Jill @ Sweet Diva

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Would love to join you..enjoy! What a relaxing way to live.

Sue said...

Love the beach theme for your blog, karen. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and beach. that beach sand looks so inviting.
I would love to visit the beach more often!

Gayle said...

You're blessed to live near the beach. Love the waves.