Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Mothers Day

Well Ladies I trust that you all had a wonderful
Mothers Day..
We headed out Thursday afternoon for Bradenton
and had a wonderful time..
It was a packed full of events.
I had a lunch date scheduled with a friend
as well as a breakfast scheduled with another friend.
Breleigh's birthday party was on Saturday and 
Mothers Day on Sunday..
Saturday, I took my two grand daughters
Chloe and Breleigh 
and we went and took some photos..
that way I got pictures and my daughter 
would have a couple of hours to get some
last minutes details done for the party..
The girls and I had a great time..

And then I captured some good pictures of Mason
our newest grand baby
oh it was a weekend filled with hugs and kisses..

We had planned for all my children to be able to go
with us to our home church that Sunday for Mothers Day
but my oldest son Wesley had to be at work at noon,
and he works out on the island,,so it takes a while to get out there..
and my daughter Amanda had to take Chloe back
to her moms house to celebrate Mothers Day.
(Chloe is Amanda's step daughter)
so family church didnt work out ,,but John and Tyler and I went
it was great to be back..

Well Ladies..
I know I have not been around much lately
with the move and all..
it has been hard to find time to blog,,
but I promise,,
Next week I will be back !!!!
I am making crafts for a Craft Fair
my church is having this weekend..
and after that I am going to start a new look to my blog as well
and new post..
and I will be back visiting you girls on a regular bases..
I miss ya..

Well hoping you all had a blessed
Mothers Day..

Love Ya,Talk to ya soon..
Have a God Filled Day..


~Niki~ said...

awww~those pics are precious! glad you had a fun mother's day!

Jill said...

Great pictures Karen! Looks like a wonderful day!


A multi-dimensional life said...

What beautiful children! You are blessed - but I know you know it :)!!

Cherie Hill said...

Sister, so glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day . . . the grandchildren are beautiful! Just dropped by to say hi and let you know I'm always thinking of you and praying for you and yours!
Big hugs!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the pictures..enjoyed your blog so much

Kathy S. said...

So sweet! I am so happy for you to have had the time w/ them! Love those cheeks!!!

I love the photo on top of your blog! Lovely!