Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Traditions..

In our family we have a couple of things we MUST do every

We get in our comfy clothes and or pj's and load up in my
durango and head out the look at Christmas lights...
Thank goodness my car holds 8, but with the additions
we may have to start renting a short
But we pile up and my husband knows all the awesome
places to take us to see the festive twinkling lights..
The kids, now 25,23 and 14 and their significant
others, start talking about their childhood,,
and the tricks they would play on each other way back when
and even up to last year in the car looking at lights .
That is a story I will not share, felling my
youngest son may not appreciate
It is a fun time had by all...

The other tradition was passed down by my precious
momma...Her famous Peanut Butter Fudge... YUMMO!
She is in heaven now..but the year before her passing
my sister and I had her teach us the trade secrets to
her famous beloved fudge,,,and she was happy to pass
along the love that went into this preparation of the
mouth watering , so rich you can only savor it piece
by piece.. And it is treated so valuable to our family
that EVERYONE has to have their OWN tin of Mom's
Fudge .. and lord forbid someone put their hands in
the other persons tin.. bring out the boxing

My mom always made batch after batch for us kids
at Christmas time..and now that privilege has been
passed over to me..
And I love it.. It is my way of spreading a little bit
of my parents to my siblings and family for the

What are some of your Christmas Traditions?
What are the things you do with your family
that puts a smile in their hearts that no gift
could replace..

Share with me..


Karen said...

Oh I forgot to add one more..
We alway grab a name from the Angel know the ones with little boys and girls names who need gifts for christmas.. when my kids were younger I would let them pick one them selves.. now that they are older I pick on for my youngest (last one still at home)child and for my grandchild..and i purchase a gift in their name for these Angel tree children...
Last year,, Tyler gave his bike to a 12year old little boy.. he had barely, barely used it,, and he polished it up and gave it to his Angel child.. I was very proud of him..

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

we do lights also...we all stuff each others stockings with funny little things, we go to the Christmas Eve service before returning to get our Christmas celebration started..we love to throw a caroling party when we can afford it

I hope everything is going great at your home and totally enjoying this beautiful season

SusanD said...

Love your new header! The picture of the trees wrapped in lights reminds me of Opryland Hotel in Nashville. They wrap trees and branches in white lights. It's so beautiful.

We have a cookie baking day. Even the grand-boy participated. It's so fun and such precious memories.

Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

Christina said...

Your traditions sound wonderful! We too, look at the neighborhood lights in our jammies. Fortunately, nearly everyone in our neighborhood participates! The first cold night we have here in FL, (which in this years case will be tonight) we build a big fire in our backyard and spread a blanket and drink hot cocoa. For the kids on Christmas Eve night, Santa* always leaves behind magic dust. It's all over the house! (finely cut gold glitter that is!) and what a pain it is to collect it all and clean it up the next morning! But the girls always find so much joy in the magic that santa leaves behind ;)

Yolanda said...

It all sounds lovely. My husband and I love to go watch christmas lights. Isn't it amazing how foods remind us of those we love.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Marsha Young said...

Debbie - Your traditions are wonderful. Families are often bonded by simple traditions much more than we realize.

Because our family is scattered across the whole country, one of our traditions is to call each member of our extended family on Christmas morning to wish them a Merry Christmas so that they know we are thinking of them. Have a great weekend...Marsha Young

Marsha Young said...

Karen - Sorry - I meant Karen and typed Debbie. I am visiting you both this morning. Have a great day. ...Marsha

Camille said...

Oh I *love* walking through neighbourhoods with beautiful light displays. The photo at the top of this post is so beautiful!

Many blessings to you this CHRISTmas Karen!

In Him,