Monday, November 1, 2010

Memory Monday

Ok ladies.. blast to the past..

Who remembers Twiggy..
The original stick skinny

Lava Lamps.. they were awesome..
You could sit and watch them for hours
and never see the same shape twice...

Alright..truth now..
How many of you remember sleeping on these
My sister and i would put our hair in a pony tail
at the very top of our head and then us
Dippy Do on our hair and then roll up strands
of hair.. usually we could fit about 5 or 6 strands
in rollers,,that way we would sleep better..

How uncomfortable... What us woman
wont do to look

Notice how all these things have come
full circle?
Hint to the younger woman..
Hang on to your stuff,, one day it will
be popular again..


Rebecca (me!) said...

LOVE IT! Yes, I remember the rollers...and my son has a lava lamp! Thanks for stopping by last week!!! I have missed you....been going 100mph....and trying to catch up a little!

Nicole said...

I have some of those rollers still and I also still have my lava lamp. Maddie loves it! Just wish it didn't get so darn hot or I'd use if for a nightlight for her.

Cora said...

Oh yes...I remember!! Mama used to pin curl my hair with dippy-do for that just permed look!! So funny! Thanks for the walk back down that lane!

Marsha Y. said...

Karen - How funny! Yes, I remember what a "badge of courage" it was to go to bed with a head full of curlers. :) Yeesh!
Have a good day - Marsha Y.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh I am I would use electric rollers before drill team days at school and then put in the pink ones to dance in! Sometimes I would sleep on them...when my Dad was in his kick of saving electricity and had taken my hot curlers away!
This is great and fun!

Jill said...

My girls have lava lamps! They were real popular again a few years ago. LOL The pink rollers, ummm I still use them today to get curls to STAY in my hair. LOL Thanks for sharing! Hope you are doing well.

Julie Harward said...

How all comes back! Except I haven't seen any of them using empty juice cans like I did! ;D

Camille said...

LOL...those pink rollers!!!!!!! Yes, my Mom did that to me when I was little...sooooo difficult to sleep on!! :( Thanks for the "blast to the past" times. :)

Have a great week Karen!


SS Firedancer said...

Man Karen I was just looking back into your comments here and noticed that my comment didn't show up did it ever come through to you? Anyway Thanks for the blast to the past. I totally remember Twiggy and absolutely loved the pink foam rollers.
Know that you along with all my bloggersisters are in my prayers every day.
B & P, Firedancer aka Soroya