Sunday, September 12, 2010

God has given us all the right ingredients
and directions for our lives through
His Word, the Holy Spirit ,
and our faith experiences.
Unfortunately, we sometimes
find it easy to Substitute these gifts with the
wrong ingredients.

Faithfulness is replaced by
inconsistent behavior based on our
whims and desires.

Obedience is replaced by
following our will instead of His.

Trust is exchanged for doubt .

Then , when we face trials too difficult
to handle on our own,
we wonder why we are struggling.
Along the way we made so many substitutions
that we completely changed the ingredients
God planned for us to have in that very moment of life..

Instead of enjoying the harvest of Gods recipe,
we just have a mess of our own making...

Dear God ,
Help me to read and follow
your recipe for my life.
My directions are not working
and I am tired of wasting time
and effort, Please teach me..
I so want to enjoy the harvest
of your design for my life.


Betsy said...

Oh, I like this! And it's a recipe we have to keep stirring, don't we? :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Now this is the kind of recipe I can handle...I hope :) :) :) Have a great week, Karen. Thanks for these great things to think about!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

Nicole said...

Amen Karen! I love this and what a great way to put it! Beautiful. Just hoping and praying I can follow His recipe better!
Have a blessed week!

Vicky said...

A recipe for life is a nice metaphor. How can we expect to enjoy the feast of his bounty when we are not sowing the seeds of obedience to him. Beautifully said :)

Anne said...

Thanks for the encouragement Karen. It was a nice reminder. I also enjoyed reading about your Grandparents Day. How cute. I bet your grandaughter was so proud. How did the contest for the best BBQ ribs go??

Anne @

Deborah Ann said...

I'm going to print this out (hope you don't mind!) This is the perfect way to remember how to spend each day.

Good stuff!

A Busy Single Mom said...

Great encouraging post!

Sheila said...

I love how your posts make me stop and think. I really appreciate that. Thanks!! By the way, love this recipe!!