Monday, September 13, 2010

Firing Furnace

When we feel like our trials of life
is more like standing in the middle of a firing furnace.
We must remember that our Father eye is on the clock
and his hand on the thermostat.
He will never let it be too long or too hot.
He will never allow it to go one more minute than
what we can handle.

Satan and all his demon are subject to God !
They can not touch you without his permission.
And he loves us , and will do what is best for us.
We may come out smelling a little bit like smoke,
but without a hair on our head singed .

This is a promise I am standing on right now
in my life..I dont understand why we have to
go through some trials,,but I dont have to know why
I just have to know that our father loves us
and will take care of our every need..
Not WANT'S ~~~~ but NEED'S...


Nicole said...

Great post Karen and great reminder! He will take care of our 'needs' every time!

Teri said...

I just wonder what is going through God's mind lately with all that's going on in this old world right now. Anyway . . glad to "meet you". Your children and grandchildren are beautiful. :)

Tiara said...

Amen, sister! great post

Cherie Hill said...

Sister, read this in a devotional from David Wilkerson today . . . thought you might find God speaking in it.

Whenever opposition arises, God's grace thrives in us. Think about what happens to a tree when a great storm beats violently against it. The wind threatens to uproot the tree and carry it away. It breaks off branches and blows away its leaves. It loosens its roots and blows off its buds. And when the storm is over, things look hopeless.

Yet, look closer; the same storm that opened crevices in the earth around the trunk of the tree has helped the roots go deeper. The tree now has access to new, deeper sources of nutrition and water. And it has been purged of all its dead brances. The buds may be gone, but other will grow back more fully. I tell you, that tree is now stronger, growing in unseen ways. And just wait till harvest- because it's going to bear much fruit.

Maybe you're in a storm right now. The wind is blowing hard, shaking you violently, and you think you're going down. Beloved, don't panic! You've got to know that in the medst of the tempest, you are putting down deep spiritual roots. God is developing in you a deepening humility, a greater mourning and sorrow for sin, a heightened huger for his righteousness.

God is making you a seasoned soldier of the cross-battle scarred, but battle-smart and courageous. You may get down on yourself at times-but the Lord never does. The fact is, he could have acted sovereignly at any time to pluck you out of your struggle. But he didn't- because he saw it producing in you a greater thirst for him!

I don't know about you sister, but I needed to hear those words . . . thought I'd share. :)
Love, hugs, and prayers,

grandmotherpic said...

Oh, such true words. For whatever fire you are in right now I am praying. You have the answer, but it's hard to hang there when the days seem long and you wonder will it ever be any different. I am so glad that you know the Word of Life and are letting His Words of Life comfort you these days. Don't quit, whatever you do, don't quit. God Bless you today to be more than a conqueror....just stay chained to that chairot.
II Corinthians 2:14..

Cora said...

The hardest part is always wondering "why" but our faith should be stronger than that wonder, as we trust He knows what is best for us!


Julie Harward said...

Hi Karen, thanks for your visit and kindness. You have a nice blog, that little grand daughter is such a doll! Trials...I don't like them either but I do know that they refine us and shape us into the person that we really want to be. We learn so much from them and they bring us to Him...all good. I have added you to my blog list and have signed up to follow you! :D

Toyin O. said...

Amen Karen. When we go thru the water, he is with us,. When we go thru the river, we will not drown; and whenwe go thru the flame, we don't get burnt. His love is what carries thru these places. Great post.

Jill said...

So many facing trials right now....this seems to be a dominating theme on many blog posts right now. I just posted one the other thankful for God's promises and trusting Him for the peace that passes all understanding! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Ellen said...

Another awesome reminder and anchor of hope. It seems as if so many people are suffering attack of some kind in these last days and our days are becoming more turbulent. I'm thankful that you are staying anchored to His promises, I'm thankful for you and your family.
much love and prayer my dear friend,

Warren Baldwin said...

"I dont understand why we have to
go through some trials ..."

That sums up the feelings of a lot of us. I agree with what a lot of your commenters said - they can give us greater faith and strength. Good post.

Warren Baldwin said...

Note: there is a contest for a book of devotionals on Proverbs on my blog right now.

SS Firedancer said...

Hi Karen,
Wow I just read this post of yours from Monday. Yesterday was a real crying day for me and I woke up with the same wo is me heart. I often wonder if when my heart feels like that if I am picking up on all the wounded and broken hearts out there. I know that although I am going through trials the thing that is really trying to weigh me down is the burden of others.
It is at those times that I do take on the 'Warrior Worship' mode Praise truly lifts us up as we lift HIM up our Jesus truly draws us to Himself. Thanks for the reminder. Know that you are in my heart and prayers, Firedancer

Camille said...

It's often in the deepest trials that we learn the most of our precious Saviour! Cling to HIM and hang in there...HE is in complete control! Jeremiah 29:11-14a are wonderful verses to calm our hearts at times such as this.

In His Love,