Monday, July 19, 2010

Your picture on the Frig

God even knows how many hairs
are on your head.
Matthew 10:30
If God had a refrigerator , YOUR picture would be on it....

If he had a wallet, YOUR photo would be in it.

He sends YOU flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning.

Whenever YOU want to talk, he listens.

He can live anywhere in the universe, yet he chooses to live in YOUR heart.

Face it my Friend..

He's Crazy about YOU !!! :)


Deborah said...

I love this! I'm glad He's crazy about me!! He is the BEST friend we could ever have ... He's always right there when we need Him! Hi Karen! I'm so glad you stopped by! Thank you for your sweet comment! I've been following Chanin for a few years now ... we both started out over on Xanga. I still have a site there, but it's been a bit neglected lately! :( I really have enjoyed reading over your site, here, as well! The Bible study you said you're teaching is one that so many women need these days! We NEED to know just how precious, and treasured we are in God's eyes! I struggle with that from time to time, myself, but He continues teaching me of His love! Come on by anytime, and I'll do the same! You have a blessed week, in Him!

~ Deborah <><
A Quiet Strength

Rebecca (me!) said...

I absolutely love reading reminds me that I have a God who loves me (and you) so much that he came down to Earth, in the form of His son (still wrapping my mind around that) to serve everyone he met, to speak the truth, to die on the cross...for every sin I will ever I could be FREE to receive His gift of Faith/Salvation.... Would love to enjoy a glass of tea with you. Love your blog. Thanks so much for stopping by mine!

Rebecca (me!) said...

BTW...I remarried my husband, as well!!! God is good, isn't He!!

Nicole said...

Love your blog and love this! God is great and it is amazing the love He has for all of us!! So glad I found your cute blog. You have a wonderful looking family too!