Saturday, July 17, 2010

How is your communication ?

Are you paying attention
to the way you communicate
to your husbands?

The words we speak are only a part of our communication:

Our facial expression, tone of voice and body language can
speak louder than words..

I am trying to learn to make the following adjustments.

  • Check my words
  • Are they encouraging and kind or rude and angry?
  • Check my facial expressions
  • Does it reveal love and joy or frustration and disdain?
  • Check the tone of my voice
  • is it peaceful and hopeful or critical and grumbling?
  • Check my body language
  • is it open and engaging or rigid and impatient?
Make a DAILY choice to love unconditionally.

When we choose to do the right thing, we can be sure that God will give us the strength to show love even in difficult situations.


Donnetta said...

Being conscious of my words and way of communication is always a good reminder. Thanks for bringing these thoughts to the forefront again.

By the way, how did your friend's surgery go?

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

HI Karen,
Thanks for this post. I'm not married yet, and still waiting on God to bring the right one along...but I like this, because it's still a good reminder for me to treat my dad with love and respect...because the way I treat my dad is the way I'll treat my future husband..I love my dad a lot!!! Thanks for this. These are good questions to ask!!!
Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Amydeanne said...

making the choice to be married is a big one! and staying married is a choice as well! thanks for pointing out ways that we can watch and choose wisely! It's soooo important!

-:-Chanin-:- said...

Thanks so much for your prayers. I am sorry i haven't had time to email you yet. Things are so crazy right now. I started to email and then saved it in my drafts. I am sincerely hoping and praying for reconciliation. This is my last resort. Blessings, Chanin

Heather said...

Hi Karen. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your type of posts and this one is no exception. What a good reminder to all of us wives. I have just returned from my 16 year anniversary with my husband and it always make me reassess and pledge my love in deeper ways each year.
p.s. your family is beautiful!
I just can't believe you're a Grandma! :)

Jill said...

Hi Karen,

What a wonderful post and so true. a good marriage takes work, and sometimes it can be easy to fall in a pattern of taking one another for granted. I've been married 16 years, and together 20 years this October. We married young and weathered a lot of things together, but I don't know where I'd be without him. It's a good reminder of how important a good love is. :-) Glad I found your blog, it's lovely! Beautiful pictures! Hope you have a great day!
Blessings, Jill

Camille said...

Dear Karen ~ It is lovely to "meet" you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving an encouraging comment. I agree with don't look like a Grandma! :) How precious that the LORD restored your marriage...such a beautiful testimony of HIS grace! It's wonderful to see that you love the LORD and are looking to HIM for help and grace day by day...may HE guide you continually as you seek to be a witness for HIM.


Sheila said...

What a wonderful reminder. I know I do catch myself with the wrong tone or a raised voice. I try to be very mindful of how I speak to my husband. We have been married for almost 27 years and I would be so lost he weren't here. Love your profile--God does work in amazing ways! Sheila