Friday, June 25, 2010

Living in Paradise.

Do you ever forget how blessed you are, or who you really are.
I think sometime we dont see the big picture
I mean I know I am Bennie and Sadie Turner
5th and final child. I know that I am the wife of 25 year to
my precious husband John and the proud mom of 3
wonderful children that are my pride and joy, and now
blessed to be "Dam ma" to a grand daughter who has the
ability to melts me every time I see her smiling face.
And I have NO doubt that I am the child of a grace filled,
patient, and loving God..
But in the midst of this crazy world, some times (like some of you, Im sure)
I can forget to see the beauty in this life that God has given us.
And what God has placed me on the earth for.
And I think as humans we need to know that even when things aren't
going as planned, and maybe there are some gray clouds forming,
if we would just open our eyes, we would see that God is
in control and there is still beauty all around us to remind us that
every thing is going to be just fine.
Life is a journey. We are just on this
road to learn about Gods Love and his purpose
for our lives. And he has left little clues along the road side
on which way we should go, but a lot of times we think
we have it map quested out, and aren't in any need of
And then we wonder why when the waves of life come
crashing in on us, We are surprised,, some times we have
taken a wrong turn, other times they are lessons to be learned,
and I think it is just reminding us that without including
God in every area of our lives, we can do nothing with out him
nor should we want to..
My desire in this life here on earth, is to become so at
ease with what ever comes my way, that I have dont ever
question whether God has this in his complete control.
I want to be able to sit in one of these chairs beach side and say
My God is a loving and gracious God, and his will be done.
Im just along for the ride.. no matter where it leads.
Waves of life come and go, and Thank the Lord ,
that very few times in life have I ever felt like I was being carried
away in a under toe, more so just the opposite, he has
forgiven me numerous times for going out in the deep,
way too far.
And he has always showed me the way home.
God has alway been my true path to happiness
And I thank him for that.
I would like to say that my life has always been
Smooth Sailing, but it has not, but I will tell you
that I as so grateful to God for all he has provide me with,
growing up in a wonderful family, and being blessed to have
my own wonderful family, great friends, a Godly church
and I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

And at the end of the day, what is really important
is to be close to God, and enjoy the gift of family that he has
given us..
Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your guidance and
loving me when I am not alway lovable,
being patient with me and never giving up on me.
Thank you for the many many gifts in this life you have
given me, I feel so lucky and beyond blessed.
And to know that you love me so much , and that you only
want the best for me, assures me that, no matter what
this crazy life brings my way, I can lean on you and you
will walk me through to the other side..


Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Karen, what a beautiful and thankful post you , I have so enjoyed and been blessed by it. And you do live in a beautiful place.Thanks for sharing.

Sarah @ Different Dog said...

Hi Karen,
I saw on Aunt Ruthie's blog that you need help blogging...please check out and see if it is helpful. You can also add your blog there...

Take care!

Karen Long said...

Sarah,, Thank you so much for the helpful information,, and for stopping by... I will surely try that blog info this evening.. i was just on your blog and love it ... hope to see you back again..
and if you dont mind,, can i be able to contact you via email or something if i have any blogging questions.. looking at your blog , I can tell you have it so figured out.. and i am still learning.. Thanks again Sarah..
Hope to talk to you again soon