Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Fun..

Sunday after church, we had a very relaxing day.
My son in law Luke brought over the baby, while
my daughter Amanda was a work
Well we ended up in the pool.
Breleigh had a blast.

She was jumping off the edge and jumping in
like she had been swimming in the pool for
years.. (She is only 2 yrs old)

Trace our gold lab, got terribly jealous and felt
the need to join in on this pool party.

It was a good day had by all, and after my
daughter got off from work, my husband
fired up the grill and we cooked some steaks for
And then the boys got a mean game of Rummy
going, and teased each other about who's rules of
the game were right .. lol

The perfect way to spend a Sunday..

Thank you Lord for Family...

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