Sunday, May 30, 2010

Me and My Boys

My gift from God is to be a mom.. There is nothing more
I love in life than being a mother to my kids.
It never was, nor never will be a "Easy Job", there
has been many sleepless night for John and I, I have
cried many tears, and prayed over them at all hours
of the day and night.. And I have good kids.. I can
only imagine what it would be like if I had mean
hateful kids. But God surely blessed us with good
loving children. I look at my boys and I in this picture,
Wes who is 23 , who was my 3lbs. little boy..
And look at him now.. He surely has my heart..
And Tyler, look at him, he is as big as his brother..
and they are great friends.. I love that..
All three of my children love each other..
Tyler , now 14 and getting ready to start high school
next year...John and I had him later in life..
John started in wanting more children, so we planned to
have 2 more children, but we almost lost Tyler at birth,
so we counted our blessings and stopped at 3..
But what a pleasure he has been..Having him later in
our life, was nice ,cause we had settled down a bit,
and didnt sweat the small stuff..
and he is a wonderful kind hearted boy..
Thank you Lord for my family..and for allowing me
to be a MOM, what a responsibility and yet such a
wonderful gift.. I learnt from the mom
Sadie Marie Turner..and she comes from a long line
of wonderful caring, praying woman..
So I proudly say..Everyone Meet My Boys..
John "Wesley" Long III and Tyler Michael Long
two of the three reasons that I am a Proud Momma..

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