Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hebrew 13:2
Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers,
for by doing so,
some people have shown hospitality to angels
without knowing.

I heard this scripture read on the radio yesterday.
and I have to say that it hit me hard..
and in the words of Reba on her show..
I said..
Awww Crap !!!!!

I do try to be friendly to all people
but do I do it on purpose?
Do I do it for the Lord?

Have we shown hospitality to the single mom
who is stretched to thin, trying to keep her
head above water.

To your local cashier
who may be struggling with her own issues
and cant seem to crack a smile.

To the widow next door
who has no one to talk to,
no one to hold her hand, laugh with her,
offer an help to bring in the grocerys .

Even to our elderly Walmart Greeter.
Who has lived through so much in his lifetime
yet we dismiss him and rush to get items on our list.

One of the things I want to be better at in 2012
is to Love People on Purpose.
Not because they smile at me first
or they service me in some way..
But just because God asked me toooooooo.
Thats good enought for me..
My daughter has started a new blog to show
some of her awesome DIY projects.
Can you take a moment to swing by and visit her
it would mean the world to me.
Thanks and Love You girls..


Rebecca said...

One day, I will experience that hospitality and a cup of tea!!!

Sue said...

Great posting as always karen, There are so many who need just a simple smile, I like the "love people on purpose"
. I will stop by your daughters and visit. Like the name Enjoy your weekend.

Kathy S. said...