Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are you the Heart of your Home..

Lately God has been tapping on my heart
about the importance and
privilege of the gift of
being the
Heart of the Home..
For years I have used this
phase to describe me and
other woman,
but I have not always practiced
what I preatched..
But that was then ,,this is Now..
I have been made a new creature in Christ..
And I truly want to
live it..
And I feel the drawing to
express this gift that God has
given us to younger
woman that are newly married..

The ways of the world today is beyond scary...

Marriage is just a signature away from divorce..
Children are looked at as a deductible.
Not our future..
And the world takes NO pride and No value
in Families these days..
The relationship between children and parents
are being replace and with tv and video games..
Seriously , how much time is our children spending
in the living room or kitchen with us..
Satan has been attacking woman since
the beginning of time.
And I believe he is still strong on the
war path ..
If he can effect the Heart of the Home
he can stop the heart beat,
 with us
being too busy..
being too involved in everything else other than family
moving our focus on work, and others
rather than our spouse and children
that God designed and entrusted to us..
I could go on and on..

I dont think there is a quick and easy answer
to this problem,,
But I am going to do whatever
it takes to be the
Heart of my Home
and to show my family
that their value is more important
to me, than anything the world
has to offer..

I hope that you will join me
in this fight against Satan
to bring back the
Value of Family
and take pride in being the
      Heart of YOUR Home...


Beth in NC said...

WONDERFUL post Karen! Women really do set the stage for the home and set the "feel" as well.

And I admit it is so much easier to allow my little one to delve into a movie sometimes.

Thanks for the conviction!


elainaann said...

God has been speaking to me about this very thing!

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Very very good post!

Jill said...

Great post...we must put our families first. It's so very important.


Warren Baldwin said...

Just read three of your most recent posts. They are all so good. This statement in this post was very clever and so true: "Marriage is just a signature away from divorce.."

If we don't give our hearts and lives to Jesus and to spiritual living, you are right, we are just a signature away from losing the relationship.

You are a good writer. wb