Wednesday, April 6, 2011

80/20 Rule of Marriage..

I heard this on a Tyler Perry movie the other night
and it was at a funny moment in the movie
but I thought..
How true is that,,
and what a great way to explain to
our younger married couples today...

In Marriage,,
you get 80% of everything you need
and then some little sweet thing
walks by (man or woman)
and offers you the 20% of what you are
missing in your marriage,,
and crazy us,,
we leaves the 80% 
 for the offer of the  20% !!
Dumb !!

Now I know it was just a line
in a movie..
but isnt it soooooo
Satan has our focus
on what we LACK
rather than,
Thanking God for what
he has given us..
And God doesnt do anything
80% of the way..
that 20% we "think" we are missing out on,,
can be found in the
comfort of God..
Looking to him to meet our
needs and desires..

Just a little something to make you go


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Great...and so true. Just like the saying that we can put dog poop into a brownie..and even if it is just one small spoon full who wants to eat the brownie? The brownie is 99% other ingredients, but we won't eat it now knowing the 1%.
Thanks...I needed this this morning.
Blessings and hope the adjustment is going well.

Jo~ said...
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Sue said...

Hmmm!! great post, So blessed by your thoughts,Oh! so true!
So sorry I deleted my other comment, I was logged in on the wrong account. ugh!

~Niki~ said...

very true~thanks for posting this. puts things into perspective. I really need to start my Bible reading more~I will be visiting often :)

A multi-dimensional life said...

Excellent! I love what you are describing here! If we would only see with the spirit placed within us that every desire planted deep within is the longing for God Himself! No 20%, 80%, or even 99.9%
will satisfy the way He can. Distorted thinking sends the heart searching for perfection...but until the door of heaven is opened, perfection won't be found. Yet, God gifts us with so much here on earth to remind us of the beauty to come - but sometimes the most beautiful blessing is so close we can't even see it....may we never take for granted those we love and may we have the eyes to see all God has gifted us with!

Giant Hug to you, my friend! xo

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for sharing this always add to my day :D

Rebecca said...

HI sweet friend! I need to make it by more's been a tough week.....argh. I needed to read this....Thank you for dropping by...I MISS YOU!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Oh so true, Karen...thanks for a great reminder post to all of us! Satan works so slyly in that 20% area !

Elaine said...

So true!!! Good post!