Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Time

As you know,,there has been alot of changes
in my life in the last few months..
Oh who am I kidding.. over the last few years..
But like this picture..
My soul, is like these  yellow flowers,,
look out the window to lots of shades of grey..
and not knowing what is to come next..

There has been SO MUCH good in my life
and then like all of us,,the clouds (aka ~ the chump)
roll in , and through confussion and unknowing
into our lives..
With this move
God is Growing US..
I am still uncertain about a lot in my life,
being in a new town, looking for a
new church, friends, job, and learning
a new area..
Because God has blessed us so
much and has provided for us in
every way we needed..
And new Adventure  !!
And even though moving was and still
is a little bit hard on me,,
I am Thanking God for all his Blessing..
And I am getting out and seeing his
beautiful creations every day..

I know he is Growing me and my family.
like the Spring Time..
I want to sprout up NEW and BRIGHT
love and life and happiness..


Ellen said...

Great attitude and outlook Girl! Very much the reason I talked about you over at my place today and am passing an award over to you!

Love the header and the reminder. Yet another timely Word indeed! Love you Girl, have an awesome day!!


Tete said...

Hello Karen! I'm Tete from Beyond the Garden Gate. Ellen passed on my award to you this morning and I just came in to meet you.
Ellen made a wonderful pick. Your post this morning is just awesome and I can tell right away I am so going to enjoy visiting you and getting to know you better!
Have a great day and enjoy your award!
Hugs- Tete

Camille said...

Oh Karen ~ What a blessing that you are looking to the LORD for all your stability...HE is faithful! Hang in there! Thank you for your sweet encouragement on my blog and sharing some of your story (re:probiotics) wonderful that the LORD indeed has been faithful to you over the years! God is good. All the time!

Many blessings as you settle into your new surroundings!

In Him,

Isaiah 40:31
Iasaih 41:10
Jermiah 29:11-14a

Marsha Young said...

So glad to read that you are choosing to deal with change, rather than let it defeat you.

Your picture in this post is just beautiful, and your comments are insightful, too.

Hope your day is blessed. ...Marsha

A multi-dimensional life said...

Karen this is such a beautiful word and in visuals as well. May God's sweet peace flood your heart and soul. I love the analogy of springtime and just how much hope it brings. Life is ever changing and uncertain, but I'm so glad that God is not! I hope you are enjoying your new surroundings.
Bless you!