Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daytona Beach

Well today starts our move...(packing)
To Daytona Beach Florida..

I prayed for God to give my husband a good job
He Did..
I prayed for God to give him a company vehicle
He Did
I prayed for God to strengthen our  marriage
He Is
I prayed for adventure in our lives..
He Did,
We are moving...

Careful what you ask for...lol..

All joking aside.. this is what I was
refering to on a post a month or so ago.
What do you do when you ask God to preform
in your life, but it goes in a total different direction
that what you could imagine..
Or even ask for that one thing Not to happen,
but it does anyway..
Well I have to admit..I was not gracious
at first in the thought of moving.
My two older kids are here,
my siblings are here,
and my grandbabys are here..
But God quickly showed me that
he was giving me what I prayed for
and maybe , just maybe,,HE  known better than ME..
And he did bless me with the fact that I am only
going to be 2  1/2  hrs away.
Having made me the way I am,,
again he knows me pretty well
and knows that any further would of
caused a major melt down..lol..

But He has also given my Peace
over the last few weeks..
and I will follow His leading
I will follow the leading of my husband.
and I will Trust that God
would not lead my husband any
where he would not want us to go.
If I desire to increase the strength
of my marriage and family
then I have to trust that
God is working through my husbands
life and my familys life.

So say a prayer for me..
that this Peace that God has given
me , continues to increase and
prepares me for the days ahead..

God Bless you all..
Love Karen


Elaine said...

I was in a similar circumstance. We were in the Army and had the ideal location (in my mind) which was living near my family. My husband's career was going well and what he always prayed for happened, he got a command...many miles from where we were. Unlike you, I did not have a good attitude and it took 6 months before I fell on my face before God in repentance for my rebellious heart. Peace, peace, wonderful peace came! God does not lead one without including the other in His plan. I will pray for you to continue to walk in the peace of God. He didn't answer the way either of us wanted but His plans, as always, are the best!
God bless you and your family.

Donnetta said...

Oh, that is a big change... but I believe that God honors and blesses us as we walk in obedience to Him.

Trusting He has already gone before you on this new journey for you and will continue to walk with you each step of the way.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Hugs and prayers...believing you will see God's mighty hand in everything...just the answer to your prayers on the job is something we are still praying...and the other will fall into place...enjoy the journey! Hugs!!

Julie Harward said...

Best of luck with everything! God does hear and answer our prayers and I can see he has blessed you very much! :D

partialemptynester said...

OH, how fun!!!! I can imagine it's hard to leave family, but omgoodness, Daytona Beach?! They'll be visiting you every chance they possibly can!!! And you, pretty lady, look like someone who will just fit right in to that laidback type of life! Enjoy every minute of your fabulous adventure with hubby!

Ellen said...

Hi Sweet Girl,

I had a feeling this was it- you gave the hints along the way here. How very bittersweet for you, but I have to admit, I'm excited for you too. To see the mighty hand of our Daddy moving in your life to open doors that had been closed, to lead when it had been still, to hear in the echoing silence-- yeah, I'm excited for you. It is encouraging to see this in your life, especially knowing that there must and will be a greater unseen purpose for all of it. When you happen upon it, it will be quite an adventure and some kind of ride ;)) How He love you and your family. I have to agree with an earlier comment - your family will probably be there with you a lot!!
Take care, enjoy and breath deep in His promises,

I love you Girl, talk with you soon,

Kathy S. said...

Wow! You ARE on an adventure with God!

I have been there before. Mayyyy be again. My husband has just started to consider working at a Christian Camp...in other states! Yikes!

I trust the Lord will help me get ready for whatever...this IS the great adventure!

The Disheroons said...

Gods peace is amazing when you know you are in his will. Good luck with the move. Skype is great