Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The opportunity to prove you wrong...

This was read at our church on Sunday
I loved it and wanted to share it with you.
Once upon a time, we were all the same. Little children: innocent, naïve, and dependant on others for life.

At some point we all began to make choices: some good, some bad.
We grow up, we come to church, and we sit here today.
The culmination of a series of choices made over the journey of our lives.
At our church, we believe that the choices you’ve made matter.
We believe that no man or woman can run away from their choices.
We own them.
But we also believe that God can redeem the whole of our lives - choices and all.
We believe in a God who can turn resentment into forgiveness.
We believe in a God who can take anger and make it into something righteous, even something world changing.
This church believes in a God who can turn despair into joy; who can turn pride into humility, addiction into self-control, insecurity into identity, and criticism into sympathy.
And we believe in a God who, every day that we live, continues to turn death into life.
That is the complete power of redemption, and we believe in it completely

And if you think your life is beyond redemption, we simply ask for one thing: the ongoing opportunity to prove you wrong.


I have made choices in my life that "are mine" and for many years I lived with the day to day, moment by moment of Satan (The Chump) reminding me,and belittling me..and I believed him,,even though I knew the Lord, I didnt believe that I deserved for God to forgive me..
A couple of years ago,, God showed me that He had forgiven me..
He did love me.. and even if people in my of the world looked at me from time to time with judgement , that God didnt look at me like that.. And that is what truly mattered.. Not that I am forgiven by the world but by God..
Now I can hold my head up high and say Yes,, I have made some wrong choices in my life..
Who of you havent?  But I can use my wrong choices to glorify God and either save some one else from making the same bad choices or if they have already made those choices, to tell them there is Forgiveness available in Our Lord Jesus Christ..
You dont have to live in condemnation.
Give God the oppurtinity to prove you wrong...

Thank you to Pastor Abney and our Church for feeling this way and loving us all with Gods love..


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Yes...haven't we all made more than one wrong choice. He is made strong in our weaknesses.
Yes, forgiveness...we all need it.

Ellen said...

What a powerful and much needed insight into the very heart of our Father. Thank you Girl for that much needed reminder, yet again.


Sue said...

Karen one word, AWESOME!!

Marsha Young said...

Wonderful! What an uplifting - not to mention accurate - description of how God loves us and redeems us from not only Satan, but from ourselves.

God bless you - Marsha

Nicole said...

What a beautiful post Karen! Just love it and so glad that now I listen to my Father and not the chump!! There are still days that 'the chump' still tries to sneak in but I do my best to crush him!!
Great post and may our Lord keep you in His powerful arms!

A multi-dimensional life said...

Beautiful post, Karen! True!

Gracious, merciful God!
He is Life abundant. Nothing takes the place of this fullness of life.
Thank you for this wonderful post!

Jackie said...

Love the thoughts shared today! he does forgive because he loves us and wonder of wonders ,loves us. I know that even when my children disappoint me or even grieve me it doesn't change my heart toward them. I love them. How much more is our father God's love!