Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Last Christmas

This video made my cry.
My family for the past 3 yrs have been a monthly
giver to St Judes..
Please join us in being a blessing for families
facing these same trials.


Rebecca (me!) said...

Sweet, Karen...Thank you for this reminder.....Jesus gave us our First Christmas....many families face a last with their children....we need to hold them tight and consider each day....the blessing that it is!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

We lived next door to a nurse that served in the Children Cancer Center here in Dallas. After we moved in we found out she had been one of the nurses that served our cousin who died from a brain tumor just two years before we moved there. I watched this women shave her hair so others could have a wig...she was red-headed. She went on with her education to serve even more.
I wish there would be a cure...cancer touches too many lives. We donated to Ronald McDonald house because families need places to stay.
Thanks for sharing...almost too hard to watch and hear!!

Yes remember the wrote on my blog...after 30 years I need to recount and keep it alive for my kids and I...probably boring post, but I post for them

Cora said...

God bless those little children who suffer so much.....
Prayers and tears for them all.

I sent you an email about the pictures you inquired about on my blog. Check your spam if you don't see it!
Merry Christmas~

Jill said...

Hi Karen,

wow, what a powerful video, I am just in tears watching it. We give to St judes as well, they do amazing work there. My heart goes out to this family. Just another reminder to us all why we need to count our blessings. Thank you.

Have a lovely evening.

Warren Baldwin said...

Very moving. I'm on the board of Relay for Life, so I hope our work is helping some of these little kids (and everyone!) now or somewhere down the road.

I've forwarded this on to a bunch of friends and my Relay Committee members.

A great Christmas to you and your family from Cheryl and me.