Sunday, December 12, 2010

Memory Monday

With the Holiday Season here,, I thought I would remember the older Christmas Commericals..
This one was always my favorite.. the Norelco Shaver coming over the snowy hill..
You knew it was the Christmas season when you saw that one come on..

Remember the Coke Polar Bears?
I always love the little baby bear....

Coke was always a big commerical hit.

Dont forget Charlie Brown..
He is still around..
Never left..
Year after year you can count on
the Charlie Brown Christmas..
Even Captian Crunch dressed up
like Santa...


Yolanda said...

This was a walk down memory land.

Jill said...

such great memories! i loved the polar bears in the Coca Cola commercials.
have a great week.

Jackie said...

'Bout to bang my head trying to remember the Norelco one.....but I just can't...great/fun post.

Julie Harward said...

I loved all of those too, especially the Norelco shaver and the Coke polar bears! Thanks for sharing, I had about forgotten these! Have a great week :D

Cherie Hill said...

Hey sister! I've been praying for you ALOT lately . . . thinking of you so often! Isn't Christmas just awesome . . . how it fills us with so much joy, so many warm memories !?! Me personally, I loved the polar bears and Charlie Brown of course! I pray that you and your family have a WONDERFUL Christmas . . . filled with the "presence" of Christ!!!!!!
Love and BIG HUGS!

Ellen said...

hi'ya Sweet Sista!!

Oh my goodness, how I have missed you like you would not believe! Totally my own downfall, please forgive me. Been battling the physical illnesses for way to long.
Anyway -- had to stop and catch up with you Girl! Wow! Congratulations on grandbaby Mason, what a handsome little guy he is!! I just know he's a hard one to hand back over to Mommy and Daddy ;)

Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the commercials! I totally love the Norelco , it was always one of my favorites just for the reason you mentioned-oh so true!

Take care and know I'm thinking and praying for you and yours always!