Sunday, November 7, 2010

Memory Monday

Okay... who remembers the

The Dating Game,,

Wow look at that wild print dress...

And how many of you played

with these spirograph..

That is when I learnt that I

liked art..

We lived in Georgia for a

little while when

I was about 7 yrs old..

And this used to be one of

my favorite things..

A CocaCola with a bag of peanuts.

I secretly had a crush on


he was so funny..

and his little smurk ,

just cracked me up...

Mac Davis was my second crush..

cute and funny..

I used to watch Gun Smoke

with my dad

Loved that show too..

Real rough men,,

doing real men stuff..

takin care of their land

and their woman folks..

Hope you enjoyed Memory Monday..

For those of you too young to remember

some of these things..

you missed some good times...


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Love these memories...Gunsmoke was my Dad's favorite show...on every Monday night. My grandfather put peanuts in his coke and would treat us to the same...we are in Texas..and I have shown my children this before...need to do it again.
Fun post...always produces a smile!

"Say What?" said...

Oh you made my heart leap for joy! I used to watch The Newly Wed game with my grandmother and every time she'd say, "Now that man can eat crackers in my bed anytime". (RE: Bob Eubanks ...I think that's his name) I had no idea what she meant by that....until I was much older and I thought, "MAMAW!" LOL She was a character!
Thank You for the memories today. I miss her so much.

Julie Harward said...

I remember them all...and I met Mac Davis in an airport once ended up sitting right by him in the air plane...his shirt was open to his belly button and he wasn't very nice! ;D

Elaine said...

Oh that was fun...remembering! Thanks for sharing all the fun things along with pictures.