Monday, October 11, 2010

Memory Monday

Blast from the past..
Love looking back at the simplier life..

I had to postthis picture..
One of my blogging buddies,
reminded me of these.. Oh what fun we had with
these.. and Im sure it drove my mom nuts.
Clack , Clack . Clack... all day long..
Sorry MOM....

Who didnt have Sea Monkeys.. they lasted

a whole but we loved them anyway...

8 track tape.. that was when ever song on

the tape had to be good,, and if it wasnt
you got used to it any way,,cause you would
have to listen to it anyway.. then finally they
came out with a fast forward.. but by that time
you liked the ones you werent that fond

Tinkertoys.. What all did you build

with these wonderful toys..
What fun.. and we had just as much
fun with the tin


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Too much fun...and I remember those clockers hitting our forearm and getting bruises...trying to make the hit each other up in the air!
I was thinking about the huge Slide we would ride down with potato sacks...they had the huge hills in them and to climb the stairs to the top was the most frightening....oh, to go back for just one day and play!!!

Nicole said...

Great post!
Those clackers were arm breakers!! lol I remember bruising the tar out of my arms playing with those things!

We just got Maddie some sea monkeys a while back. They last about 3 weeks! lol

8 tracks! WOW! I used to listen to my dad's 8 tracks all the time!!

My mom still has our tinker toys somewhere. She was just talking about letting Maddie play with them the next time she comes to stay with them!

Thanks for the lovely memories!

Jill said...

Well... i remeber my parents had an 8 track. I've seen tinker toys, but have no idea what the others are. LOL I grew up with smurfs, strawberry shortcake, cabbage patch kids and pound puppies. LOL
Hope you have a great night!

Cora said...

Thanks for the I remember each one of those!! Gosh are we getting old? No...we have just seen a lot of changes in our lifetime. Good ole stuff!
Have a great week my friend.

Rebecca (me!) said...

I do so love your blog...and you! We have to meet up some time. I'm wishing I could go to Relevant this year and meet tons of women in the bloggy world. We def have to have some tea....maybe this summer, we'll see. Colors are starting to change...I think we're headed to Amicola Waterfall this weekend...should be beautiful. We have a dance Friday. Sad news, though. One of my husband's co workers...her 7 yr old daughter was killed by a person driving a Jeep like a, tomorrow we are going to the viewing and her funeral on Weds. My Moms' two year anniversary for her birthday in Heaven was last week....could sure use a cup of tea right now and break for bad news. This too shall pass...and the sorrows and tears will soon be wiped away for all of us. Blessings to you, my 'sista from anotha motha'...yep, you made me smile...great way to end my day!

Betsy said...

Oh, this was fun! Those clacking balls were the rage...and dangerous! I remember bruises on my arms! LOL!

Adriane said...

Our old car had an eight track player in it. Then my mom & dad got a new car with a casette player. We had to get a converter so we could still play our eight track tapes in our casette player! Got to love those memories!

Sheila said...

Oh, I loved my clackers--except for when I hit myself in the head. I had a favorite 8 track tape--it was Ricky Nelson--it melted when we went to visit my aunt in San Antonio. Thank you for the memories!! Take care.

partialemptynester said...

How funny that you posted those clackers! After you and I "talked" about them, my daughter bought some at the fair and couldn't wait to show them to me! I couldn't believe they were still around!


Oh yeah, had all that! Fun times!
~ Julie

Incipient Wings said...

sea monkeys are great!!! my niece still talks about those!
i always wanted some!

Camille said...

This was a fun post Karen! Ahh, yes! TinkerToys! We had a tin of those and played and played with them as well as Lincoln Logs. And the Sea kids actually had some of those a few years ago and they lasted a LONG actually creeped me out a bit...there were SOOOO many of them!! :0

Blessings to you Karen!