Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Psalm 26:8

Psalm 26:8
Lord ,
I love the Temple where you live,
where your glory is..
When it comes to resting your soul,
theres no place like the
Great House Of God...


Nicole said...

Amen Sister!!! That's just beautiful!! and there is NO better place!!

Suzanne said...

Wonderful, beautiful...following Him...

Ellen said...

Hi Sweet Girl Friend!!
I just had to swing by and of course read your post, but to also shout out a loud rejoicing Daddy is Sooo Great! I am thankful with you and yours about your dear John and his job situation! Wow! I just love the power of prayer coming to life like that!
You all must be dancing on air with that kind of praise happening! Thanks for the update, so thrilled for you!