Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When my boys were young

When my boys were
young , we had a horrible
thing happen to us..
A man broke into our
home while we were
all asleep. He came in
through my boys
bedroom window..
He only stole a vcr
that sat on the top of the
television..But it wasnt
what he took,, it was the
fact that he was in the
same room as my children
were in..
My youngest
son was 5 yrs old, and
he never said, but I often
wondered if he saw the man, but didnt want to ask him, scared
that putting more fear in his little mind.. But he had a hard time
sleeping after that.. so every night I would go in and pray over
them.. Well my daughter works at our local Family Christian
Book Store, so one day my youngest son and I were in the
store and he saw this picture in that store and he said...

Mom look,, thats the same angel that stands at the end of my
bed every night ....

How awesome is that.. with the Innocent spirits of a child
that their eyes can see their angels...


Jill said...

You just gave me chills. Thank goodness he was not harmed back then. How scary.
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. :-) I appreciate each and every one from you! Have a great night

Loren said...

Oh my!! No doubt whatsoever your son saw that Angel there! Praise the Lord for HIS protection! Bless you for your Faith and Trust!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

That's a wonderful story of how God protected your family!!! wow, I'd be scared too if I had known he was in the same room as my children...goodness...God was/is good!!! the part about the angel...that's amazing!!! What a blessing!!1 Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Nicole said...

Praise the Lord that the kids weren't hurt and all he took was a VCR. Also Thank God that He sent his Angels to watch out over your children and keep them safe. God is an awesome God!

Susan said...

Wow! That is such a wonderful story....tears!

Amanda said...

I believe with all my heart that these angels are watching over our children. I can only imagine the fear you had as a mother that someone had invaded the most personal place in your life.
Thanks for sharing this. It inspires me to be more diligent with praying over my children.


Hi. Just found your blog. Yes, grand-babies are the best! We have a one year old granddaughter :) Your God stories are very encouraging, and your son's faith . . . I want to hear more. Do you think his God and Jesus were imaginary? I am always amazed when I hear stories like that. Keep sharing with us.
~ Julie

-:-Chanin-:- said...

O, awesome! :) How cool is that! Blessings, Chanin

Nicole said...

Wasn't sure how to contact you and hated to leave it here but I just wanted you to know I am starting another blog. There is more info in a post on Mad World.
I am so glad I have found your blog and you! It is nice to have support from others while I am going through this wonderful journey!