Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Priorities !

Life can seem overwhelming,
and what is most important to us can
become blurred. Circumstances can consume
our focus, and we can lose sight of
the most precious things in life.
We must commit to these top three
priorities , guarding them with all our

These top priorities are our
personal relationship with:

You might wonder why our
husbands come before our children.
But the greatest give we can give our
children is a happy marriage.
Our children need to see us making
time for our marriage and loving our
husband in very practical ways.
This creates a secure environment for our
children and will teach them the right priorities.

If we get these three priorities out of order, our
life will not function as God desires.
And what about other priorities that need our
time, like work, extended family, friends, etc.
We must seek Gods direction as we establish
these priorities..
Even when we make our best efforts to keep
our priorities right, circumstances can create
strain and cause them to become blurred.
So try this tip Gary Smalley recommends.

Write them down,,
put them where you can see it,,
like your To Do List..
every woman knows what a To Do List is..
we dont hesitate to jot down the things
that are important to us that we need
to take care of..
How much more important is your


Jill said...

Great post, certainly gets me thinking....

Michelle said...

Awesome post!

BECKY said...

What a wonderful reminder, Karen! I strive to keep these same priorities in the proper order, and find that God helps sooo much with it.

I really appreciate your boldness in putting this out there. Our culture sure wars against these in so many different ways. We constantly need to be reminded, and share this with other women, so marriages and families can be strong!

Have a blessed Thursday gal!

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I too have these three on my list. My fourth one is friends.

Nicole said...

Love that post!! And you know, as soon as I finally realized this and have been working more and more to keep them prioritized like that the less stress there is in this house! Thanks again for the great reminder Karen!

Cora said...

So true! Thanks for reminding each of we do get so consumed that we sometimes forget.
We all need a refresher course on a daily basis.

Virginia said...

I agree with you,I know so many women that their life revolve around their children.
And when those children leave the nest,they find there is nothing to hold their marriage together anymore. Your priority list is right on....Thanks for the reminder.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

So true Karen. I think having them written down is a great way to remind ourselves of this simple truth.
Have a wonderful day.

Caroline said...

Hi Karen, I am so glad that you stopped by my blog. You asked about Pauline's story. Of course you can share it (and thanks for asking). I think her message is so important. Just let me know when you post it and I would love a link back.

BTW, what a wonderful and uplifting blog you have!

Sandy said...

Hi Karen,
Glad I found your sweet blog today.
I loved reading about your faith
and family, who are beautiful, by
the way. Looking forward to spending
more time here at your uplifting
spot on the net.

Kathy S. said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry it took awhile for me to get over here, but it is beautiful! Wonderful message!

I look forward to getting to know you!

Amanda said...

Great post!
Great reminder to put our priorities first!
It's too often we as wives find ourselves getting wrapped up in everything else around us that somehow these priorites get at the end of our list...not good.



Just read this post and am soooo glad to hear other women getting their priorities straight and making it known to others.

A few months ago a younger friend came to me [we share Bible study resourses for teaching] and said, "I get it - I finally GET IT, GOD - HUSBAND - CHILDREN!" She had finally come to that place where she realized that her priorities were all backwards she had it Kids, God and Husband. But once she was on God's priority agenda she couldn't wait to share it with all her friends. Trouble was many of them didn't like what she had to say because they were in the old priority mold - but not making it and many were on the verge of divorce. No wonder!

Thanks for sharing this important TRUTH - even if some don't want to hear it or make the changes necessary to bring them in line with God's priority. There must come a time for them to line up - all for their own good and for His glory!

Blessings, Stephanie