Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Love of a Grandma..

Tyler and my mom... Sadie Marie Turner
I ran across this letter day..
It was written by my mom,
Sadie Marie Turner, "Maam ma"
to my 3 children as well as 12 other grand
children and numerous great grand
children... This letter was written to
my youngest son Tyler who was5 yrs old.
at the time.
If you cant read it , it says:

Dear Tyler,
Just a few lines to a sweet little grandson,
Grandpa and I thank you for coming over to
see us. But we were so sorry you was sick,
you need to lay down and rest more so your
throat will get better. You come back any time
tell Wesley and Amanda they can come too.
Grandma is going to buy some jello and we can
fix it . Well by for now. I will see you soon. Be a good
boy and be careful at school. you showed me a few places
you got hurt, and I dont like that. I better go to bed, I am
so sleepy.
Love you alot from Grandma and Grandpa
I promised to write you a letter so you could
get some mail out of your mail box.

And inside the envelope was a single stick of gum.

My parents were great parents and even better
grand parents.. and I miss them very much..

I remember my mom wouldnt let us windex the
front door glass, because where she sat in her
living room,, she could see all the little grandchildrens
hand prints..

My dad would tease all the kids about borrowing
money from them,when they were a little older
and would always pull the little girls pony tails..
and wrestled with the little boys..
He was a Georgia boy, but would never fulfill
his dream to go to back to Georgia, cause they couldn't
stand the thought of not being around their children
and grandchildren.

I could go on and on, and tell you stories of how great
my parents were, and you may see a few of those
stories on my blog another day..
But today I Thank the Lord, for such a wonderful
example of parenthood and how to be a loving
grandparent.. I dont know that I will ever feel that
I reach their potential,, but I hope to one day
come close...
Thank you Lord for the gift of
Bennie and Sadie Turner , being my parents.

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