Saturday, September 15, 2012

Restore and Renew
My husband and I are proof that God cares.
That he still loves the unity of marriage.
And can  and does preform miracles that allow families to stay together.
God is in the
Miracle Workin, Restoration Business..
This picture was taken in 2004
on our 2nd Honeymoon..
On our 19th wedding anniversary John and I sat
at opposing tables with attorneys by our sides in a divorce hearing.
I had felt that John was not a good husband to me, and that I could do better..
My husband felt that he could not trust me as his wife.
And our 3 children were caught in the middle..
It was an ugly divorce to say the least..
As all divorces are.
Everyone that I knew,, convinced me that I was doing the right thing..
And everyone that John spoke to ,, told him that he was doing the right thing too..
Cut your losses and Run !!!
Move On !!
But God continued even in the midst of use both moving on
with our lives,,to work on our hearts..
God took the place of my now absent husband in providing and protecting me..
And he started working on my Johns heart as well as mine..
John would call me (because I refused to see him) and he would
ask me to turn on the radio and listen to Focus on the Family with him,,
him on his phone me on mine..
Now my husband had never been the Spiritual leader of our home before..
so for him to do that was totally out of character for him..
And things like this continued to happen..
After a long while we started to date again.
And as the fairy tale goes..
We lived Happily Ever After..
Well ok..
That may not to totally true.. God still had a lot of changing to
do on both of us..
but we soon learned that in order to visit the thought of reconciliation , things would have to be different this time around..
We lived by the motto of :
(or a bad marriage)
Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result..
We had to ask God to give us a new love for each other
to show us a new way to do marriage..
To help us let go of the past
The harsh words that were spoken,, the broken hearts,, the unfaithfulness,
And to give us New hearts to love each other in a new way..
It didnt happen over night,, and there was trying moments.
but God has changed our hearts from the inside out..
and we just celebrated
27 yrs marriage in Feb 2012
And I feel so blessed..
When  our children and grand children walk in our door they walk into
Mom and Dad's
house and that means a lot to me.
They are not forced to divide up their time and holidays between
moms home ,,and then off to dads..
I realize that this is not possible for everyone..
Both John and I's heart was willing to be touched by the Lord..
We were"both" willing to do the hard work that God had in store for us.
But I also know that during our time of divorce..
 encouraged us to stay together.
This world is all about ,
The grass is greener on the other side..
If you fall out of love, move on..
marriage is good as long as it makes me feel warm and toasty.
No one puts in the hard work anymore,, its easier to pay someone to file the papers..
But God created Marriage,, and he loves Families..
And if we are willing to follow his teachings he can save, change and restore even
the most disfunctional marriages..
He can heal the most wounded heart.
And we can stand tall and teach our children about the
Love of the Lord
The Value of Family.
July 2012
John and I and our 3 beautiful Grandchildren..
God is Good !
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Artful Gathering said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I'm very happy for you and your husband. God is so good to us.

Marsha Young said...

I first read your blog about two years ago. I am glad to see that God is still blessing you and your family.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Thanks for sharing this. I love the stories of how God restores marriages. Your story is such a beautiful testimony...and I pray that God will use it to minister to other married couples ;) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Joan Davis said...

God is in the miracle business,, isn't He? praise God for your restored marriage! I thank Him every day for restoring ours! God is so good!

Blessings, Joan

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Beautiful story of enduring love and commitment. How sad that nobody encouraged you to stay together during the rough years.

Cherie Hill said...

SO wonderful to hear from you! I too have been quite absent in the blogging world . . . I'm hoping to get back into it this coming year.:O I'm releasing a new book etc, so this year has been unbelievably busy. Launched my own publishing services business and we're MOVING to Colorado! I tell you I could not be more thrilled AND overwhelmed! LOL Anyway, you can know that I think of you EVERY time I drink my sweet tea! It reminds me to pray for you!!! So AWESOME to hear from you, will try and keep in touch. We move in the next few weeks, so things are crazy!
Praying you have a WONDERFUL Christmas if I don't talk to you before then.
Praying God's mighty blessings for you and your family!

Cindy said...

Such a wonderful story. And you and your family are so blessed to still be a family. I divorced after 25 years of marriage and I know the difficulty and hurt it can cause. However, everyone's story doesn't work out the way yours did. I tried and wanted it to work and was allowing God to change my heart toward him and the infractions in our marriage, but ex wouldn't have anything to do with it. Hubby remarried two weeks after the divorce.Even though I am happily remarried now, I still mourn the loss. Not sure it will ever go away completely. Thanks for sharing your story, and I pray God will continue to bless you and your family. Yes, God is good!

Tracey Coombes said...

God is for the downtrodden... If we trust in Him, He will hear our prayers

newark auto glass said...

A blessed family.

Anonymous said...

Your story is so much like mine....divorced after 7 years..apart for 9 months and remarried on our original wedding date. We've been married twenty years last week. There are so many similarities. God is so good!

Lynn said...

What a beautiful story, Karen. I have been cut out of people's lives a couple times over the years by encouraging them to stay together and work things out -- so trying to intercede and represent God's view of marriage does have a cost. But what a joy to hear when two people have soft hearts and are willing to humble themselves and at least try to reconcile, trusting that God can do anything. May He grant you oodles more years of love and unity with your husband. Your story is so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

So So HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! GOD IS GREAT! All the time....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh yea, I heard about that! She REALLY is a slutty person!! I know at least 3 guys she has screwed more than one time! I also heard she has a couple of STD's to go with it! Good luck guys, its easy to get into her pants, but you may not like what you take home from it!!